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The Message is in the Request

When I write art with declarations
please note they are usually tongue in cheek
My Wit is so incredibly sharp I promise
it is not for the weak
nor the faint of heart
nor for dreamers who dream
As blatant as I am My Darling
things are never as they seem

The Message is in the Request
you’ve assumed deduced and guessed
just as the nights seem cold lonely and long
once again you have tested and are

Art with declarations
and flirtations
with all of the dreams
and masturbation
a suburban fractured wife
can handle
two flames
that melt away the candle

To me
an orgasm
is simply to watch you undress
will you do so for me?
The Message is in the Request
You have been wooed by other Poets
but you must admit
I am the best

I hold the answers
I hold the key
I push the buttons
albeit subliminally
and in dreams dreamers have
we walk snowy streets hand in hand
snuggled into each others collars
incredibly connected

hearts so electric they literally
beat out of one’s chest
My Darling I am waiting for you still
The message is in


The Enemy Within
The Light that dims
This life we love to live
razor blade thin
People try to break you down tear you apart
cut your arms with their teeth
take knives to your heart
It’s drain…

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